Vancouver, CAN: Best carnivorous food trucks in Vancouver

Tacofino is the runner up for “Bart’s Fave Street Eat.” Image Credits: Bartosz Wysocki

By Bartocz  Wysocki  |  The Peak

Tacofino is the runner up for “Bart’s Fave Street Eat.” Image Credits: Bartosz Wysocki
Tacofino is the runner up for “Bart’s Fave Street Eat.”
Image Credits: Bartosz Wysocki

Food Fight is dedicated to highlighting the differences between vegan and omnivorous cuisines. By reviewing restaurants in Metro-Vancouver, our columnists Yelin and Bart show that you can have the best of both worlds.

Vancouver is blessed with an assortment of wonderful food trucks, and every year more and more are added to the armada present on the streets. While most of these carts are definitely worth a visit, there are three stand head and shoulders above the rest and deserve special recognition.

3) Japadog

One cannot simply speak of the Vancouver food truck scene without mentioning Japadog. This Japanese-inspired hot dog cart is what brought Vancouver street food onto the world stage, and its mixture of Western-style wieners and Asian toppings has given them a unique flavour that sets them apart from all other run-of-the-mill hot dog carts.

However, I have my reservations about Japadog. It makes my top three not due to flavour, but rather it international recognition. I, being Polish and all, am incredibly picky with hot dogs, and to be honest with you, Japadog’s value for the price is not exactly great. However, even with that knock against it, its international pedigree earns it a spot in my top three.

2) Tacofino

Taco carts have been a staple of the mobile food industry since the time of the dinosaurs, and the competition for being king of the tacos has always been fierce. There is one cart that does stand out above the rest in Vancity, and it’s called Tacofino.

There’s a variety of Mexican-inspired options available from this glorious truck, and if you’ve never been before then it is mandatory that you try their fish taco first. Made with perfectly seared ling cod and complemented with delicious homemade salsa and chipotle mayo, the fish taco is bursting with flavour, yet light enough that it leaves you longing for more. And at six bucks each, getting more isn’t a problem.

If fish isn’t your cup of tea, then give their pork burrito a try: it’s made with delicious slow-cooked pork tangoes with tasty refried beans and a healthy dose of cheese. If this isn’t good enough for you, then frankly, nothing ever will be.

1) Mr. Shawarma

The key to a good food truck meal is balance. Is it the perfect size, the perfect price, moist and crisp, served at the perfect temperature, easy to eat, beyond incredible to taste?

Mr. Shawarma’s chicken pita wrap is all of these things, and for that it wins the prestigious “Bart’s Fave Street Eat” prize. The chicken is cooked and marinated to absolute perfection, and is moist all the way through. The vegetables inside are excellently grilled, and the whole thing is topped with a delicious spicy sauce that, while it tantalizes your mouth it doesn’t go overboard and make the wrap inedible.

The pita in which the wrap is served should not be overlooked. A good meat container is vital for excellent street food, and their flatbread wrap is both crisp yet flexible. The $7 price tag for this pita is a bargain, and once you’ve had one, you’ll definitely be back for more.