Vancouver, CAN: Food Truck Pods Coming to Vancouver

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Every year the City of Vancouver reviews its tremendously popular food truck program and this year will be no different. In this year’s announcement look for more new food carts to hit the streets, especially outside the downtown core, which for the most part is saturated with food trucks. Also look for food truck pods, a first for Vancouver.

The parking lot pods of food trucks are a common site in Portland, the city that started the food truck revolution in North America. The City is considering a few sites that could hold a cluster of food trucks. A consultation process will commence next month to determine interest and viability of off-street food vending sites i.e. food truck pods, and to identify potential locations for the pods.

The applications for the next phase of the food truck program will start in March. The next phase of the expansion will see more sites set up outside of downtown. Kitsilano, Fairview, Mount Pleasant seem like good areas for the programs expansion. Perhaps even a cluster around the business core in East Vancouver.

This is year two of a four year program that will see the streets filled with 15 new food trucks annually.

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