Veni, Vidi, Vendy

There’s a nice Talk of the Town storythis week by Ian Frazier about the Vendy Awards, given to street-food venders. The Most Heroic Vender award went to Paty’s Tacos, which has sued the city for excessive ticketing. There is no love lost between the cops and the venders—never has been:

I’m a big fan of street food. Thirty years ago, l drew this.

Since the thirties, the hot dog has been the street-food standard in New York, and in New Yorker cartoons.

Sometimes, they were also substandard.

In time, new items were added to the menu.

But these additions were considered too exotic for Waspy sensibilities.

Times and palates have changed. People now go out of their way for carts selling Korean barbecue, El Salvadoran pupusas, Taiwanese-style shaved ice, and other Vendy-winning street food. Soon there will be a Vendy for the best rinzelophtat.

That was drawn in 1979. Today, nobody would stare. They’d line up.