Virginia Beach, VA: Malbon’s BBQ & Catering Inc Introduces ‘The Flying Pig’ Food Truck

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Virginia Beach’s favorite barbeque hits the road Monday, February 4, 2013!

Malbon’s BBQ & Catering Inc, known as one of Virginia’s best barbeque, is taking its famous secret sauce and whole hog BBQ on the road. Dubbed ‘The Flying Pig’, Malbon’s new BBQ food truck is a state-of-the art culinary machine equipped with commercial-grade appliances serving a mouth-watering mobile menu featuring BBQ, brisket, and bratwursts. Fit for any BBQ aficionado or foodie, variations include tacos, nachos, and specialty sandwiches inspired by different styles of BBQ from around country. The revolving specials are made up of a unique variety of region-exclusive BBQ sauce recipes, all of which are homemade.

“My family has been in the hog business for more than 40 years,” says John Malbon, owner, Malbon’s BBQ ‘The Flying Pig’. “What differentiates Malbon’s BBQ from any other BBQ place in the Virginia Beach market is the fact that we use the whole hog for our pulled pork BBQ. This makes for outstanding Grade A BBQ.”

In addition to their homemade sauce and coleslaw, ‘The Flying Pig’ will be introducing made-from-scratch ribbon fries garnished with a secret blend of seasonings.

Follow ‘The Flying Pig’ or Hire ‘The Flying Pig’ for a Food Truck Event
Virginia Beach Food Truck fans can follow the whereabouts of ‘The Flying Pig’ on Twitter (, Facebook (, and website ( Fans can also organize with Malbon’s BBQ ‘The Flying Pig’ to have the ‘Pig’ land directly at a specified location for a non-traditional catering event! “‘The Flying Pig’ offers packaged deals customized to match your specific event. Packages can be customized for anyone and any occasion including the small office or large corporation that wants to organize a Food Truck luncheon for their employees,” adds Malbon. Special catering packages can be viewed on the Flying Pig’s website under the ‘catering’ tab.

The Flying Pig Road Map
On February 4th (first day on the road!), you can find ‘The Flying Pig’ at Ryan Boylan DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Office at 1:00pm. The team will then roll on over to WRV to serve up dinner.

A gourmet BBQ restaurant on wheels, ‘The Flying Pig’ will be a mainstay at local Food Truck roundups adding its delectable BBQ sandwiches to the line up of trendy food truck treats. Come see us at our first Food Truck meet up February 10th, at Whole Foods Market in the Hilltop area of VA Beach.

Riding the Waves
“The Flying Pig” has teamed up with Wave Riding Vehicles (WRV), Va Beach’s most prized surf shop. ‘The Pig’ will be frequenting the WRV parking lots all year round, providing specials and discounts during the numerous Skate and Surf competitions hosted by WRV throughout the summer.

In addition, “The Flying Pig” is supporting WRV’s annual surf camp, the most popular surf camp in Virginia Beach. ‘The Pig’ will be offering up an end-of-the-week treat for the campers and their families. For more information about the WRV surfcamp visit

The Flying Pig Menu
Our menu is updated frequently, please visit our websitetwitter and Facebook sites for the latest offerings!

About Malbon BBQ ‘The Flying Pig’
As most locals know, the name “Malbon” is a synonym for “BBQ” in Virginia Beach. The Malbon family has been in the hog and BBQ business for over 40 years. After owning what used to be the largest hog farm on the East Coast, the Malbon family split into different avenues of the BBQ business. After working for Malbon’s BBQ & Catering Inc. (not to be confused with Malbon Bros.) his whole life, John Malbon decided to venture out and come up with a fresh and exciting way to serve the people of Hampton Roads quality and delicious BBQ. ‘The Flying Pig’ is an extraordinary culinary machine! Equipped with a completely stainless steel interior, ‘The Flying Pig’ is a totally self contained mobile food truck all ready to serve the locals and visitors of Hampton Roads that classic mouth watering whole hog barbecue that Malbon’s BBQ & Catering Inc has been serving the Tidewater area for the past 30 years!

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