Want To Save Money? OIL FILTRATION is where to Start!

Food trucks that have deep fried menu items are challenged to keep their fry oil clean.  Their oil breaks down quickly, becomes unhealthy, gives off odors, and their food absorbs too much oil.  Frequently changing oil is dangerous, time consuming, and fresh oil does not ‘brown’ foods as desired.  There also are issues of storing fresh oil and where to discard waste oil.

Due to space and time issues, vendors have not had filtering options.

Because in Europe and soon Canada, there are regulations about keeping fry oil free of carbonized debris; VITO Filtration was created in Germany.   VITO uses a denser filter and cleans oil better than traditional filtration.

The compact VITO Filtration system is ideal for mobile kitchens.  The compact device cleans up in a sink and stores on a shelf.  Now vendors can quickly and safely double oil life.

Relatively new to the US, most mobile vendors have not yet heard of VITO.

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