Washington, DC: Takoyaki Hot Dogs, Food Truck Winter Woes, More Intel

Haiyo Dog | Facebook

By Missy Frederick |  Washington DC Eater

Haiyo Dog    |    Facebook
Haiyo Dog | Facebook

They do it all for the workers

It’s no secret food trucks struggle during the winter. So why stay open? To hold onto staff, for one. [WCP]

Octopus everywhere

The takoyaki trend continues in D.C. At EatsPlace, they are serving up a takoyaki-inspired hot dog at pop-up Haiyo Dog. [Express]

Get outta town

Thrillist has some suggestions for romantic getaways near D.C. How Do St. Michael’s or downtown Annapolis sound? [Thrillist]

Beyond gumbo

Northern Virginia is just one of many Vietnamese cuisine hotbeds across the country. Eater’s Bill Addison looks at how the cuisine plays out in New Orleans’ food history. [E]