Wellington, NZ: Food Truck Regulations Might Help Businesses Work Better

By Ajay Saxena  |  Top News


Food trucks offer a good option for a quick bite when you are in a hurry and the mobile food trend is gaining popularity with the New Zealander fast. However, a spat between Wellington businesses is making the authorities look into more streamlined regulation for the food trucks.

Some food businesses in Miramar see the mobile food vendors as potential competition and the idea led to a stand-off between the two. Owner of Gelissimo Gelateria, Graham Joe, said the recent turf war in Miramar highlights the need for regulatory issues as there is no clear cut laws defining how the mobile food trucks work.

He said, “We don’t have a framework of overriding principles for mobile food vendors that define where and how they work.”

According to Joe, over the last decade the number of food trucks almost tripled and their sizes have also increased. He said he would prefer to see a framework of rules in place that will help in managing mobile food business properly without totally tying up the hands of the operators.

Phil Becker, who is the relations manager for Wellington City Council city growth and partnerships business, said the council does not have a formal food truck policy. But it came under the Trading in Public Places Policy recently.