What food truck is missing from the streets of KC?

St. Louis' Cha Cha Chow Food Truck

By Jonathan Bender | Pitch.com

St. Louis' Cha Cha Chow Food Truck

Food-truck culture is slowly rolling into Kansas City, four wheels at a time. The Good You opened in December and began parking next to 3 Girls Cupcakes, which has been wheeling around since last year. Port Fonda, the taco and torta stand in an Airstream, is scheduled to open next month. And Fat City just got an e-mail from a reader in Las Vegas who is thinking of moving back to Kansas City to run a food truck.

His question: What’s the one kind of food truck that we still need in town?

If you wanted to do barbecue, you could pick up a 24-footer right here in Kansas City. I’ll throw out a few possibilities:

  • A doughnut truck. Fresh from the fryer and with Twitter updates for the flavors of the day. This is the kind of truck I would like to own in retirement.
  • Dumpling truck. Pan-fried or steamed, both preparations can easily be made in a food truck. There’s also a huge variety of filling possibilities for carnivores and vegetarians alike.
  • Grilled cheese truck. Frankly, I’d just like to see more grilled cheese options in the city. Also, I’d line up to try a grilled cheese stuffed with mac and cheese.
  • Any ethnic truck. You could sell me on Korean barbecue, or Indian or Thai food. As long as it is cheap and hot.

How about it, Fat City readers, can you help out a future business owner and tell him what he should be serving from the truck?