When a Truck Isn’t Enough for Mobile Food

Photo by Filip Adamczyk

by | KCET.org

Photo by Filip Adamczyk

A wood-burning oven on a food truck. How do we feel about that?

It seems, at first glance, a fairly terrifying idea. I know visions of spontaneous fireballs danced in my head.

Of course, food trucks don’t actually cook while mobile, and they wouldn’t have passed the required inspections if they were wildly, obviously unsafe.

But there remains the issue of space. An entire wood-burning pizza oven won’t fit on the average food truck, and this week we saw two examples of making such a thing road-worthy.

Up in San Francisco, Del Popolo launched service yesterday, with just two pizzas on the menu. The vehicle, pictured above, is described as a mobile pizzeria “housed in a twenty-foot transatlantic shipping container that’s been re-purposed and modified into a kitchen.”

Down here in L.A., Fox Pizza Busreally and truly launched this week. They had tried to a few years ago, but being the first in the area with an on-board wood oven, the Health Department took a good long time deciding how they felt about it. And yes, it is a bus. One of those British double decker buses, in fact.

We can only imagine what bears these vehicles must be to park. But the race for ever more outlandish food trucks continues, and today via Gizmodo we found the food “truck” to top them all: a converted DC3 airplane, painted to look like a NASA shuttle.

Image via eBay listing

It’s roadworthy, and guess what. It’s for sale on eBayright now. Someone buy it, call it Mission to the Moon Pie, and win the food truck wars once and for all.

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