Wichita, KS: New Food Truck Will Serve Healthy, Vegan Fare

By Denise Neil  |  Dining with Denise


Rochelle Collins lost both her parents to cancer over the past five years.

It was a horrible experience, she said, and it caused her to become a bit of an expert in holistic healing and clean eating.

Collins plans to mix that knowledge and her own culinary skills to open a new food truck, which she’ll call Kind Kravings. (She already has a Facebook page up and running.)

“It’s become my passion to try to bring that to Wichita,” she said.

The business, which will be set up in a vintage trailer she found, should be open by late spring or early summer. It will serve the kinds of healthy, vegan fare Collins has been eating since her parents got sick.

Menu items, she said, will include dishes such as lettuce wraps, bean wraps, rice bowls and vegan manicotti.

“It’s a healthy spin on fast food,” she said.

She also plans to use disposable plates, forks and napkins that are all biodegradable.

Collins said this is her first foray into the restaurant business. For the past several years, she said, she’s been hosting vegan dinner parties for friends, who urged her to start some kind of restaurant.

Her initial plan is to take the truck to festivals and events where funnel cakes and Pronto Pups usually are the only options. If she gets e big enough following, she said, she’ll start taking the truck out over the lunch hour, Flying Stove style.

I’ll keep you updated on her progress.