“Wiener Man Food Truck” to Debut on Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth

Ft. Worth's newest edition.... "The Wiener Man Truck"

by Kevin Buchanan | PegasusNews.com

Ft. Worth's newest edition.... "The Wiener Man Truck"

The artisanal urban food truck movement has taken other cities, like Austin and Portland, by storm, and while various regulations in Fort Worth have made it more difficult here, the scene has been heating up in the last several months. Now, it’s coming to Magnolia Avenue in the Near Southside for the first time, in the form of the Wiener Man food truck – which after test runs in various locations around the central city will be setting up permanent home at Magnolia & 6th Avenue, in the parking lot at Avoca Coffee beginning May 2nd.

The Wiener Man will be serving up all-beef hot dogs on fresh artisan bread, topped with local produce and homemade sauces and chili. In addition, in observance of their Near Southside location, they’ve got vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options on the menu (one item described by Wiener Man chief Bryce Tomberlin was a tasty-sounding portobello wrap), along with sides of fresh French fries. Wiener Man will be working in cooperation with their hosts at Avoca on the drink front.

They’ll be announcing exact days/hours of operation shortly, but will be in operation for lunch, dinner, and late night.

Food trucks and carts in the modern age have evolved from their humble roots into legit outlets of creative culinary expression for local entrepreneurs, and are finding walkable urban areas to be ideal locations. They help the urban nature of their locations, by activating what would otherwise be vacant space with commerce and human activity. We hope that Fort Worth can be made more accommodating to food carts and trucks.

The Wiener Man rolls out at Avoca Coffee on May 2 – we can’t wait to welcome Magnolia’s first food truck to the district. Check out the Wiener Man’s official site for more information (they’ve got an updated menu rolling out soon).