Wilmington, NC: Coastal Food Trucks Band Together

By Amy Elliott | News14.com

WILMINGTON — Mobile food trucks in Wilmington have formed an alliance to attract new customers.

The Wilmington Food Truck Association officially launched on Saturday. The group said they will work together to increase business and ask for the city’s help in clarifying zoning laws

“We are not providing fast food,” said owner of Umami Tom Morgan. “We cook all of our own food, but yet we are trying to up the scale, up the grade of food, so someone can get something that tastes better, has much high quality without the high price.”

Umami, Ms. Cheesy, and Sweet Bliss are all a part of the Wilmington Food Truck Association. Instead of competing for customers, the group hopes to gain new customers by working together.

“Last night, the starter on my truck broke and David fixed it,” said owner of Sweet Bliss Stephanie Rosse. “We all have things that we bring to the table and we will work together to make this work. We are excited about bringing this to Wilmington.”

The trucks usually gather at festivals or corporate offices at lunch time, but the Association is asking for clarity of the current zoning laws so they can further their options.

“We are commissioning through the Food Truck Alliance, to the city council and mayor, to give us some hard and fast rules so we can know exactly what to do, where we can go, how long we can be there,” said Morgan.

The mobile eateries say they are not worried about losing business in the winter months. They are planning to  cater for large groups and Ms. Cheesy said they will deliver food to callers.

For more information on where each truck will be located each day or to receive their contact information, please visit their website.