Woodland Hills, CA: Taft High School Food Truck Round-up

by Chris Corning | Blogging.la

Lest I get myself pigeon-holed as “that guy who won’t stop talking about food trucks,” I’ll try to make this my last food truck-related post for a while. But it does seem like a worthwhile cause to call attention to the weekly food truck extravaganza that takes place on Wednesday nights at Taft High School in Woodland Hills.

According to Taft’s website, “the money raised from [the trucks’] donations to Taft will be used for Senior Scholarships.” While I’m not sure how those donation amounts are tallied, but it seems likely that the trucks donate a percentage of their take for the night to the high school. Who wouldn’t want to help the kids?

Ice Cream from Lake Street CreameryWe ALL Scream!

It’s a pretty good set-up they have going for them, with plenty of room for both visitor parking and the “circling of the trucks” in the school’s front lot at Ventura and Winnetka. The trucks vary each week, but some of our faves there this week included Frysmith, Lomo Arigato, Slammin Sliders, and the awesome Lake Street Creamery truck.

What: Food Trucks Helping Kids

Where: Taft High School, Woodland Hills

When: Every Wednesday night, 5pm – 9pm

But if you don’t want to come that far into the Valley on a Wednesday night, you can always go to North Hollywood tomorrow afternoon for another Get Fed event. I’ve already posted about that, though, so I’ll shut up now.