World’s Best Street Food

By Eli Blue |

Think global, eat local.

International street food has long rivaled five star restaurants for creativity, taste, and class. Those food carts are pushing more than bagels and cream cheese. From crepes in France to the 100 different varieties of noodles and sauces offered by vendors pounding the pavement in Thailand, here are our picks for the world´s best destinations for street food.

Bangkok – From the staple pad thai to spicy yellow curry and green curry dishes, Bangkok´s food stalls list near indefinite food choices, all using exclusively noodle stalls to a la carte food stalls with no menu. The most popular dishes are pad kaprao ( stir fries meat with basic), kaao pad (fries rice), and pad thai (thick Thai noodles). Street side make shift restaurants also offer excellent value, with many offering full plates with 1,2, or 3 food choices (choose from eggs, noodles, curry, beef, pork, green vegetables) at 20,25, and 30 baht respectively (30 baht is $1 dollar for a dinner plate!)

Istanbul – Kebab carts are as ubiquituous in Turkey as evil eye emblems, the skewered meat being sold in endless varieties including doner, sis, and fish. Check out the Grand Bazaar in the Sultanahmet section of Istanbul for the best action and be sure to share the kebabs with a side of french fries, salad, or cut pork. Try other staples like lahmajun (grilled flat bread with meat and tomatoes) and kofte (minced meat into bread.)

New York – Much more than hot dogs, New York is street food defined, with arguably the most diverse set of options in the world. International foods abound, from cous cous to Mexican taco carts to Arab falafel and Indian naan and curry carts. There are more than 30,000 street food vendors in New York with the highest concentration in Midtown Manhattan, all switching locations as often as every day.

Berlin – Berlin is a cuisine enthusiasts dream; its street carts selling fries hashed browns, sauerkraut, ht dogs, and even alcoholic drinks such as feuerzangerbowle which is a type of fruit punch made out of red wine and spices heated over a fire.Of course, the main dish here is currywurst, pork sausage with the finest in curry sauces.

Mexico City, Mexico – Mix in a glass of orange juice with Mexican cuisine that spans everything from the taco to marinated por and pineapple on tortillas. With an unsanctioned industry, the total number of Mexican cart vendors is hard to come by but surveys have suggested up to 600,000 street vendors in the city alone.