York, VA: York Supervisors Expand Food Truck Policy

York Hall

By Nicole Trifone |  WYDaily.com

York Hall
York Hall

Now that their definition has been tweaked, food trucks are allowed in York County beyond special events.

The York County Board of Supervisors gave its unanimous approval to food trucks Tuesday night, passing an ordinance that allows the mobile food vending vehicles on developed and occupied private properties throughout the county.

Food trucks would not be allowed in residential zones, nor within 100 feet of a residence.

The vote comes after an unexpected delay last month, when supervisors questioned whether the food trucks ordinance inadvertently prevents ice cream trucks to operate within residential areas. To separate the two types of mobile vendors, county staff has explicitly stated vehicles that “sell and dispense exclusively ice cream and similarly frozen dessert products,” as well as chuck wagons, are not encompassed within the term food trucks.

Board members did not comment on the policy or the definition change before casting the 5-0 vote.

Under the new ordinance, food truck owners are required to secure an administrative permit, a York County business license and a health permit before operating within the county. The administrative permit expires after a year but could be renewed annually through a written request.

Property owners must provide their written consent to food truck operators, and that consent must be kept on the truck to be available upon request.

York County is the first Historic Triangle locality to allow food trucks beyond special events. The City of Williamsburg prohibits food trucks except for special events, while James City County’s omission of food trucks in its ordinance renders them prohibited.

Williamsburg’s City Council recently expressed interest in expanding its food truck policy. In December, the city’s Planning Department requested more guidance from council in order to better shape the policy.