SF: Beefs With La Cocina Coming To Dolores Park, Much More!

by Carolyn Alburger | Eater.com

BEEFS – La Cocina, the nonprofit incubator that helps immigrants get off the ground with food businesses, is planning to operate an aluminum trailer in Dolores Park with a rotating selection of food from its clients. Planning a revolt to rival the Blue Bottle debacle of this past fall, former Mayoral candidate John Rinaldi calls this lovely idea an act of “privatization” akin to “opening an auto parts store or a Walmart or a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet.” He’s already promised “resistance and metric tons of aggravation” to La Cocina’s executive director Caleb Zigas. We can’t help but wonder where Rinaldi was when the pot-laced chocolate guy started selling his wares in Dolores.

THE PUKE IN – You may wish to avoid Dolores Park this Saturday from 2 p.m. onwards. The infamous John Rinaldi a.k.a. Chicken John is hosting a “puke in” to terrorize the anticipated new La Cocina trailer with Yucatecan street food vendor Chac Mool as its first occupant. “We are going to collectively lose our lunch on a trailer this weekend. I’ve hired a photographer to document it. To show other potential stores in the park what happens when you sell the park out. When you try to be an agent of Control. When you steamroll people,” says Chicken. There’s also a “puke in” Facebook page you can “Like” if you feel so inclined.