Jackson’s First Food Truck

Could food truck festivals be in Jackson's future?

By STAFF | EatJackson.com

On Wednesday, July 27, the food truck ordinance for the City of Jackson passed, thanks in very large part to Quentin Whitwell of the Jackson City Council! For those of us who love food, this means that there will now be food trucks (basically mobile restaurants) allowed to set up and sell food inside Jackson city limits. Can we say exciting?! I spoke to Tom Ramsey (chef at Underground 119) this morning, who I’ve heard mention this food truck idea before. He and Sid Scott, who we also talked to, have been tossing around ideas of opening a taco food truck together for the better part of a year.

Could food truck festivals be in Jackson's future?

They’ve named their first restaurant on wheels Gringo Tacos&Tortas, and they will serve breakfast, lunch, and occasional late night food. I am familiar with Tom’s talents and love for food, but didn’t know much about Sid’s. When I asked him about it, he said, “Food as a business is new to me, but food as something I’ve always loved is not new at all. I have a background in marketing and advertising, and have always wanted to build a brand from the ground up. The food truck idea is something I was very excited about.”

Tom, the contributing chef, has come up with a simple menu consisting of tacos, tortas, (which Tom compared to a Mexican po-boy) and a few sides.  The whole basis of the menu is to provide authentic, fresh, quick food. The prices won’t be bad, either. Tom says you can get a couple of tacos, some chips, and a drink for around $8. Sid and Tom both mentioned that they were confident the ordinance would pass, so they had 90% of their plan laid out before anything was official. Tom said, “We were just waiting on this to pass before we bought the truck.” They already have a vehicle picked out, so now that their plan can move forward. They tell me that Gringo should be up and rollin’ this fall!

We also hear that Monique over at Lumpkins BBQ is interested in getting a food truck of her own. We spoke to her and she said she’s trying to locate a vehicle and find investors. “We’ve been scouring the junkyards,” Monique says. “If anybody sees something we could use, there might be a rack of ribs in it for ‘em!”  With that being said, I’m off to help them find something!