A FARM-to-STREET Truck is Rolling into the Washington DC-Baltimore Region

By STAFF | CityPeek.com

An upcoming farm to streets food truck in the Baltimore and Washington DC metropolitan area should hit the roads next month with a modern, fresh theme called BigChoksHOTBUNS. BigChoksHOTBUNS co-owners, Vijay Chokshi and Deven Chokshi writes CITYPEEK.com: “We are pleased to announce that our food truck will be opening next month to service the Baltimore and DC metropolitan areas! Our goal is to have a truck by the July 15th Truckeroo in DC.” But Note: this is a moving target type of date (pun intended ;-))

Who is Big Chok?:

Big Chok (pronounced “chock” not “choke”) is a man, a myth, a legend. Big Chok’s HOT BUN recipe is an inheritance, passed down through successive generations of Choks to eventually take the form of the Big Chok’s HOT BUN. Big Chok was a worldy individual, originating from somewhere on the peninsular Indian Subcontinent. His travels took him around the world, where he loved (and was loved by) a variety of cultures (and their peoples). With each new destination, came delicious new ideas for HOT BUNS.

What exactly is this “HOT BUN Food Truck?:
Big Chok’s HOT BUNS is an up-and-coming food truck in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area. Their focus is on providing quality street food, artfully crafted from the freshest local ingredients. The menu is top secret at the moment.