3 New Food Carts Now Open in Vancouver Parks

PazzaRella Wood-fired Pizza Truck. Photo credit: PazzaRella

By Taraneh | Inside Vancouver

PazzaRella Wood-fired Pizza Truck. Photo credit: PazzaRella

Breaking food cart news: three new food carts are now open in Vancouver parks in time for the busy summer season. We blogged about the possibility of food carts arriving in Vancouver parks in March, and it’s really happening. Park board chair Constance Barnes launched the park/food cart pilot program June 1, introducing newbies to the media.

PazzaRella Wood-fired Pizza, Feastro the Rolling Bistro and San Juan Family Farm have received one year licenses to vend. While PazzaRella will set up shop near the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park, Feastro will hang out near the information booth in Stanley Park and San Juan Family Farm will vend at the totem poles in Stanley Park.

The new food carts will serve wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, fish tacos, smoked fish, salads and smoothies.

Meet the new vendors and their menus after the jump.

New food carts arrive in Vancouver parks. Photo credit: Vancouver Park Board

Meet the 3 New Food Carts in Vancouver Parks

1) PazzaRella: Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park

Vancouver may have a slew of authentic Neapolitan pizza joints that have opened doors int he last two years, but this is the city’s first Neapolitan pizza truck and I expect its’ already sizable following to expand rapidly with the cart’s new park spot.

The “Auto Pizzeria Napoletana” as the owners Anna and Sherry call it, really does have an oven on board. Anna Co-owner Anna Corcione  is a first generation Italian-Canadian whose parents hail from Naples, making her authenticity cred shine in the Vancouver pizzeria market. She grew up helping her mom cook. Corcione was inspired to open a Neapolitan-style pizza truck after visiting Naples where she discovered that rustic, high-quality and affordable pizza could be had at every street corner.  Corcione’s partner Sherry “hails from Japan where food truck culture dominates every metropolitan area of the country.”

PazzaRella pies tick all the right boxes on imported and local ingredients. Tomatoes and flour come from Italy. Basil, oregano and arugula are all organic.

In addition to the usual round up of Neapolitan pizza menu options (Margherita, Proscuitto & Arugula, Diavolo) the truck slings a rare vegan Margherita and an interesting German pizza with pancetta, rosemary, taters, garlic and Fior di Latte.

2) Feastro the Rolling Bistro: Stanley Park Information Booth

You’ve probably already met Feastro’s fare. One of the earliest entrants to the Vancouver street food scene, the truck has been featured on Food Network’s Eat St. and has operated a food truck at food truck at Thurlow and Cordova Streets for the last little while. Feastro’s fare has Peruvian, Hawaiian and classic West Coast flavours. Typical dishes include fish tacos, fish and chips, tuna carpaccio and shrimp cake – always with a pretty, gourmand twist.

3) San Juan Family Farm: Stanley Park totem poles

I don’t have much scoop on San Juan excpet that they feature fresh, fruit-and-veg fare along with Spanish pastries. They’ll vend salads, smoothies and juices.