Austin, Tx: HEY CUPCAKE!

HEY CUPCAKE - Austin, Tx

Posted With Love By: Beth Dotolo / photography by Kevin Dotolo

There is this incredible movement going on, especially in Austin, Texas, where people are dining at food trucks… Yeah, it doesn’t sound super glamourous. And, it’s not. But, it’s certainly delicious! Case in point… Hey Cupcake! Take a look at the delicious delectables and incredible vibe you can find at the Hey Cupcake airstream on South Congress Street. This unique cupcake business wasn’t started for the love of cupcakes, but really, it was started out of the need to create a one-of-a-kind creative business. I think they succeeded… and, the cupcakes don’t hurt, either! This is a movement I can really hook my trailer to!