5 “Must-Try” Food Trucks: From Extraordinary Asian to 420 Pizza to Everything on a Stick

The Rice Box, bringing Asian comfort food to the foodies at Anvil.

BY SARAH RUFCA | Culture Map Houston

The Rice Box, bringing Asian comfort food to the foodies at Anvil.

Cupcakes might be moving aside for macarons (or snickerdoodles), bacon fever has ebbed a bit (yes, put away that scarf) but one food trend that we still can’t seem to get enough of is the humble food truck. And why would we want to? They’re convenient, inexpensive and the food is challenging brick-and-mortar establishments with high-quality, creative and delicious offerings.

We’re still partial to the 10 must-try food trucks we listed last spring, but for pizza, Chinese comfort food and more, you’ve got to try Houston’s newest mobile restaurants.

There is never enough good pizza in Houston (I’m sorry, but it’s true) so we are thrilled that Anthony Calleo has stepped up to fill in the missing link in the ultimate mobile drunk food foursome with Pi Pizza Truck. Found outside bars around town like Jackson’s Watering Hole, Catbirds, Little Woodrow’s and The Boneyard Drinkery, Pi tempts with outrageous combinations like chicken, bacon, honey and pineapple on The Grizzly Hawaiian and venison sausage and cherries in port wine syrup on The Outdoorsman.

Pi Pizza Photo via Pi Pizza/Facebook

Most offerings are available as a full pie or by the (enormous) slice, but the breakout hit is the by-the-slice-only 420 pizza — like a frito pie on a pizza, it’s so crazy it just works.

Like pizza, there’s always some Chinese food that’s quick, cheap and available to be delivered to your door — but The Rice Box is not your ordinary Chinese food. It’s only been on the road for a couple of weeks, but the comfort food classics served up in classic take-out boxes by John Peterson and crew have already earnedraves.

The sesame chicken and dumplings is juicy, delicious and enough to feed two, although apparently Bun B prefers the General Tso. Look for them outside of Anvil every day except Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Stick It makes food you never knew could be served on a stick. Photo via Stick It/Facebook

One truck I can’t wait to try is Stick It. Why? Well let’s just say I don’t drive for two hours to the Renaissance Festival to look at people wearing chain mail bikinis. I go for the food on a stick, and this concept by Ruth Lipsky really takes that to the next level with offerings like country fried steak on a stick, fish and chips on a stick and a gyro on a stick. I’m not sure how that works, but I want to try it. Look for the red truck at bars including Boneyard, Lizzard’s Pub and Marquis II.

Lady Bird has perhaps the best grilled cheese around town. Photo via Ladybird/Twitter

Making the rounds at arts organizations like The Menil Collection, The Orange Show and Lawndale Art Center, LadyBird has earned my eternal love for their epic eponymous grilled cheese creation, with cheddar, Texas goat cheese, Brooklyn ricotta, green tomatoes and a side of pickled okra remoulade. There’s no menu online (yet), but Ladybird’s Twitter feed boasts some impressive food porn, like a porkbelly burgerand a jumbo lump crab and brie grilled cheese with avocado.

And just when you start to think everything from a food truck has to be gooey or fried, head to PadthaiBox, which serves “mobile brasserie take-out” with spring rolls, salads, Thai fried rice and yes, padthai in re-usable to-go containers. The trailer can often be found at Shepherd Square or outside Liberty Station.