7 Food Trucks You Can Help Fund on Kickstarter.com

KickStarter.com is a grea venue and tool for helping to find your mobile vending project.

by  Jeremy | TheJailBreak.com

KickStarter.com is a grea venue and tool for helping to find your mobile vending project.

Food trucks and Kickstarter: a perfect pairing? You decide. For as little as $1, a mobile chef’s dream can become a reality. Here are seven food trucks currently looking for funding. I’ve put them in order of deadline, so the first project on the list ends the soonest. Kickstarter is “all or nothing funding,” so if the project doesn’t reach its goal, the entrepreneurs get nothing. Just think: with your help, maybe one day these entrepreneurs will get to hit the road and be immortalized on food truck tumblrs like this.

Guten Brat: A Pneumatically-fitted VW Bus Serving Currywurst

WHAT IT IS: Jorge is a welder and fabricator who loves painting and cooking. He wants to turn a 1957 VW bus into a food truck that serves German and Austrian food with a California flare.


WHAT THEY NEED: They have just 12 days to reach their goal of $10K. They are less than 10% of the way there.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU: stickers, spices, sauce, meal tickets, bus pass, large original abstract realism bus painting, a year of brats, a LIFETIME of brats, a side dish named after you, catering as far as Oregon, Arizona and Nevada…

WHY YOU SHOULD HELP: Of the seven food trucks on the list, this one is the most original. The project melds Jorge’s love for customizing cars and cooking. Wouldn’t it be great to help someone make a living doing not only one, but two things he loves? I’m rooting for this, and I don’t even like brats.

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The Danks Food Truck

WHAT IS IT: Some dude at James Madison University wants to make delicious, homemade food and sell it at an affordable price. He argues that the JMU community “needs a food institution that comprehensively understands them, and thus offers the Dukes their Dankest deals.”

WHERE IS IT: Serving the JMU community in Harrisonburg, VA

WHAT THEY NEED: They need to reach a $17,500 goal in less than two weeks. With current donations at less than 20%, it’s not looking so dank…

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU: cups, apparel, writing your name on the truck, naming a menu item after you, meal tickets…

WHY YOU SHOULD HELP: Maybe you live in Harrisonburg. Maybe you’re a JMU alumni. Maybe you get stoned a lot and thought their Herbie Hancock joke was clever. If you can answer yes to all of the above, consider helping them out.

Let’s Get La Empanada Truck on the Road!

WHAT IS IT: Andy, Janelle and Gabi “love to cook [their] butts off and watch people enjoy food”. Andy’s folks ran a food truck for twenty years, which inspired Andy to go mobile on his own. The trio want to spruce up the old truck and sell empanadas.

WHERE IS IT: Orlando, FL

WHAT THEY NEED: They have less than two weeks to reach their goal of $7,500. They’re almost 75% of the way there!

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU: hugs, food, shirts, music, recipes, free empanadas for one year…

WHY YOU SHOULD HELP: I don’t eat “envelope food,” but the photos and descriptions they provided made me rethink that policy. Practically speaking, empanadas ARE great food for street-eating. This business has been in the family, they have a good plan for what they need to do and, they seem like sweet and sincere people who deserve to become empanada evangelists. If you’re the type who likes to bet on winners, these guys are the closest to their goal.

JAM Vegan Bakery – First Vegan Dessert Truck in Los Angeles

WHAT IS IT: Jesse and Mallori want to be the first vegan dessert truck in LA.

WHERE IS IT: Los Angeles

WHAT THEY NEED: They have a little over two weeks to reach their goal of $25K. They are less than 10% of the way there.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU: sponsorship recognition, cookies, t-shirts, cupcakes for life, a cupcake named after you…

WHY YOU SHOULD HELP: Help if you are really rich and lactose intolerant. They need $25K to make mobile cupcakes. This may be petty, but there’s way too many “green” buzz words on their page: “baked natural, organic, sustainable, green, vegan lifestyle, compassionately,  gourmet, hand-crafted, truly unique, sustainability, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, earth-friendly, people-friendly, animal-friendly, natural products, solar panels.”

Chez Moi Bakery on Wheels!

WHAT IT IS: Rhonda makes rum cake and wants to take her bakery to the streets.


WHAT THEY NEED: She has a little over a month to reach her goal of $3,500. She is 10% of the way there.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU: cakes, t-shirts, sponsorship recognition, ridealongs in the truck, cakes baked at your location…

WHY YOU SHOULD HELP: Rhonda does promise “a baking renaissance,” and she’s only trying to raise $3,500. Cake is yummy.

Snow Shack

WHAT IS IT: Melissa and Charlie want to sell their 100% natural snow cones from an “actual shack”.

WHERE IS IT: Based in South Georgia, but they plan to hit the road

WHAT THEY NEED: They have a little over a month to reach their goal of $8K. They are only 1% funded.

WHAT YOU GET: happiness, snowcones, T-shirts, signature flavor, snowcones for life…

WHY YOU SHOULD HELP: The Snowcone Shack is the underdog food truck of this group. They’re putting their life savings into this, and it’s about more than the snowcones: “We desire to be bright and simple in a world of dim chaos. By giving back to the nice people who live all around us, we are feuling the fire of love and peace.” Well, they kind of had me at snowcones, but the description of Charlie as “bible preaching” gives me a moment of pause. I like snowcones, but the last thing we need to do right now is fund another Rapture fail.

Miss Vegan Foodtruck

WHAT IS IT: Megan and Tom have been making vegan desserts for two years. They want to serve vegan diner-style food and desserts from their truck.

WHERE IS IT: Providence, RI area

WHAT THEY NEED: These vegans have about two months to raise $14K. They’re currently at about 20% of their goal.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU: pins, parties, a drawing, cupcakes, cupcakes donated to charity, cupcakes named after you, meal tickets and a Miss Vegan catered party…

WHY YOU SHOULD HELP: Miss Vegan has a dog named tofu, and only truly committed people name their pets after coagulated soy milk. Baking vegan cupcakes on the road is what she wants to do with her life, and dammit, shouldn’t she be able to live her dream? Additionally, she uses “hangout” (one word) as a verb, which is so cute.

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