A Unique, Hard to Reach Audience of Mobile Food Owner/Operators

MobileFoodNews.com is 100% interactive. We are a “no paper” based publication. As an online community, we represent thousands of operators who don’t subscribe to trade publications, because none exist and would be seeing your message for the first time.

In a recent survey of over 800 mobile food owner/operators, 66% of operators named MobileFoodNews.com as a site they visit most often.

In the same survey, 87% of the owner/operators at MobileFoodNews.com said they do not subscribe to any type of restaurant trade magazines.

Of those that do, 73% said “never” or “sometimes” when asked how often they read them.

The MobileFoodNews.com owner/operator audience is unique and not accessible through legacy trade publications or any existing web properties other than MobileFoodNews.com.

Next up: Learn how social marketing and interactive advertising at MobileFoodNews.com can target specific operator types.

We have developed a system that will get you Twitter followers, Facebook “Fans” and customers to see and sample your products and/or services. Our method creates ambassadors of your business. Don’t fool yourself its not social media, its “Social Interaction” thats what makes us different. To do it right, it is time consuming.  Should you be tweeting or running your business? Thats up to you. We think you should do what you do best, and let us do what we do best.

Here’s what we do for you:


  • We send out multiple tweets daily based on your schedule (provided by you)
  • We showcase your products and/or services, upcoming events, product releases, etc.
  • We create attention and good will by retweeting others that make relative comments
  • We participate on your behalf in regular attention-getting events like #FollowFriday, ReTweets, and Thank You’s, etc.
  • We target tweets to certain businesses, Owner/Operators, etc.
  • We monitor & build your followers so you get the most “promoters” of your brand working for you
  • We interact with your followers, which includes dialog or interaction about your proucts and/or services, inviting people to sample your product, and addressing favorable or unfavorable mentions.
  • We manage your “Direct Messages” which includes deleting spam and forwarding, via email or text message the ones that need your attention or consideration depending on urgency.
  • Live interaction and discussion with your followers every day.

Facebook is the largest social networking website by far. Facebook has become not only a powerful tool for businesses spreading the word about their services and products, but also, the interaction site of choice for many people. Facebook is a great way to build loyalty among your customers and get them spreading the word as an ambassador of your brand.

  • Create a new or optimize your current Fan page
  • Create fan photo page and upload photos as provided, and encourage your customers to post their photos.
  • Upload flyers for upcoming events.
  • Create event invitations.
  • Post your calendar weekly.
  • Participate in discussions and interactions. with fans who write on your wall or commented on your posts.


  • Create a basic website and/or maintain current website
  • Upload flyers from upcoming events
  • Maintain calendar if available on website
  • Upload photos and interviews to promote your brand

MobileFoodNews.com is a great way to reach the thousands of Mobile Food Owner/Operators across the world!

MFN offers various types of Display Advertising, Banner Ads, Site Sponsorships and Social Marketing to meet your advertising needs.

For a fraction of the cost for a traditional print ad in a mainstream foodservice industry magazine that the general foodservice audience leafs through once a week or once a month, your message can reach thousands of decision makers in this unique, vertical market who come to MobileFoodNews.com every day because they want to be here.

Advertising Terms & Conditions

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Renewal of Insertion Orders / Banner Placements and so forth with term lengths of 3-11 months will occur automatically unless a formal notification of non-renewal is not received at least 30 days prior to the ending term of said placement(s).  Advertising will be automatically under same agreement for the same rate as paid in said agreement.  12 month insertions must have cancellation notification made no less than 90 days prior to end of placement life. 

Check our rate card and you’ll see that it’s the smartest investment you’ll make.

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