Altadena, CA: Next Friday’s Food Truck Likely to Happen Despite Permit Issue

Rosas Bella Cucina served up old family Italian recipes to Altadena fans. Credit Patricia Chilton

By Dan Abendschein |

Rosas Bella Cucina served up old family Italian recipes to Altadena fans. Credit Patricia Chilton

Despite a county determination that the event will require a permit, the event organizers say that the event will most likely take place.

The monthly Fancy Food Truck Friday event which was started last month will likely be held next Friday as planned, according to Meredith Miller, one of the organizers of the event.

Miller, the co-owner of Webster’s Community Pharmacy, had said the March 11 event might have to be cancelled because county officials had received complaints about February’s event and determined they would require a permit to continue to hold it at the parking lot behind Webster’s.

Miller said Thursday that she and event co-organizer Lori Webster, the co-owner of Webster’s Fine Stationers, are in the process of completing the necessary paperwork for a temporary operating permit.

Though the permit will not likely be granted by next Friday, Miller said she thinks they will most likely go through with Food Truck Friday because they’ve clearly demonstrated their intent to get it officially permitted.  She said they are pretty certain the permitting process will go smoothly and by April the event will be fully complaint with county zoning codes.

“It looks good,” Miller said. “I think it is going to get resolved.”

The code violations were the result of the trucks, diners, and various tables and chairs being set up in the parking lot.  County codes require that parking spaces set aside for operating businesses like the ones in the Webster complex have remain free and open for customer parking.

Miller said the group is applying for a temporary operating permit, and will likely be able to get an extension for about a year.  She and Webster are hoping to hold the food truck on the second Friday of each month.

She said she is also working with a local non-profit to help sponsor the event, starting in April, a move that can help with the permitting process.

The first event, on February 11, was enough of a success that the food truck contractor, the Rolling Bistros, agreed to bring seven trucks this month.  The February event hosted four, a wrap and salad truck, a shrimp truck, an Italian deli truck, and a California French Fusion truck.

The crowds were large enough that several of the trucks sold out of menu items.

Though the permits will add to the cost of hosting the event, Miller said at this time they are not thinking of charging an entry fee.

“I think we’ll be able to absorb [the cost] through cooperation with the food truck vendors,” Miller said.

She said she hopes to be able to definitively announce the event will take place by Monday.