Amherst, NY to Consider Food Trucks

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The Amherst Town Board discussed food trucks, beavers, chickens and other assorted topics of interest Tuesday.

A food truck vendor in Amherst recently asked the Building Department about applying for a permit to do business in the town.

But the town doesn’t offer a permit for food trucks. The closest thing it has are laws regarding “transient businesses.”

Tuesday, the board unanimously supported a resolution by Council Member Steven Sanders to have a food truck permit created through collaboration by the Building and Police departments and the Town Attorney’s Office. A law would establish a permiting process for food trucks to ensure safe food truck operation.

Council Member Richard “Jay” Anderson said he supported the law but didn’t want to create unnecessary burdens on businesses, especially when there is growing demand for food trucks.”I’ve asked the Town Attorney’s Office and the building commissioner and the chief of police to make this a very simple process for people to apply,” he said.

Council Member Guy Marlette, who co-sponsored the resolution, said the town needs stronger regulation of food trucks to ensure that health and fire safety requirements are met and that they don’t have a detrimental effect on brick-and-mortar businesses or traffic flow.