Atlanta: Not Enough KIND Words

By STAFF | PlywoodPeople

We are HUGE fans of KIND bars here at the Plywood Studio.  We have a shelf completely dedicated to KIND bars, and it’s a regular peace offering to people coming up to our office for coffee.  Everyone loves them.  We love KIND not only because they’re the most delicious granola bar we’ve ever had, but also because of their commitment to their community.  They aren’t just your regular run of the mill for profit company, they also have started the brilliant idea of a KIND food truck, which we love.

During the month of May, their food trucks did more than just deliver KIND snacks.  KIND delivered 2,000 brand new books to children at after school programs in low-income communities across the country, doing their part to elevate the quality of education for children in need and making the May BIG KIND Act a reality!

In what ways can you use what you’re already doing to also make an impact on your community?