Atlanta: Street Food Vendors Now a One-Stop-Shop

Atlanta's Yumbii truck (Flickr:N-Sai)

By Lionel Moise |

Atlanta's Yumbii truck (Flickr:N-Sai)

ATLANTA — Customers usually have to find them.

“We kind of make it a habit to follow them on twitter and follow them around from place to place,” said Christopher Lewis.

But this time, it’s a one-stop-shop.

You can now find your favorite street cars, or even carts set up outside the Woodruff Arts Center every Thursday until October.

“We feel like it’s a good connection between food and also exposing the arts center to maybe people who haven’t been here in a while,” Michael Flood of the Woodruff Arts Center said.

And if its exposure they wanted, they definitely got it.

Customers lined up for as long as an hour, just to get their favorite treats.

“Everybody can pick their own menu- there’s a truck for everyone out here,” said Debbie Maclemale.

And just because a stand had no lines, did not mean they weren’t popular. Many vendors sold out in as early as an hour.

“We’ll definitely bring double next week!” said Pup Truck owner Donna Cline.

The owners are working together to bring cool events to Midtown, on even hotter Atlanta days.

“It’s fun- they’re talking about the food and I noticed a lot of people talking to each other that didn’t know each other- and that’s what street food is- that’s part of it,” said Yumbii co-owner Rebecca Young.

The Atlanta Food Truck Coalition is also doing the same event Thursdays on the corner of 10th and Peachtree. They hope to expand to a few more locations later in the summer.