Bakersfield, CA: CSUB expands healthy dining options with new food truck

By Sam Underwood  |  The Runner Online

The CSU Bakersfield campus dining options will be expanding with the addition of Fit & Grub, a new food truck that offers healthy alternatives and a ketofriendly menu. Fit & Grub is co-owned by Chris Gonzalez, who also owns The Curbside Kitchen, and Elaine Black, operator of the Fit & Grub truck.   

  A meeting on Nov. 5, 2019, with Wayne Narine, director of campus dining experience, and Chief Marty Williams of the University Police Department set the final location of Fit & Grub to be in front of the Science II building on the path leading to the UPD officeStarting Thursday, Nov. 6, the truck will be open at its new location. Normal hours of operation will be Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  

  “We’re going to play around with the hours based off of what Curbside’s hours [are] and expand from there if we need to. We are expecting to be busier in that location than where Curbside is located, Gonzalez said.   

  The menu for Fit & Grub will evolve based on seasonal food and consumer demand. The ultimate goal, according to Gonzalez, is to provide healthy options for everyone. The starting menu (pictured) will eventually contain vegetarian options as well as ketofriendly food.   

  “Healthy tends to be more expensive, but if it’s not expensive, then I think it’s a good idea. I’m starting to lean towards a more healthy lifestyle, and I spend most of my day here on campus, so I plan to try it,” first-year liberal studies major Jennifer Huerta said.   

  According to Gonzalez, cost of food has been a topic of discussion in the planning phase of launching Fit & Grub on campus.   

  “We are trying to have a good price point based on the history with Curbside. This is healthy food, but we want to keep the prices as low as possible for the students,” Gonzalez said.   

 According to CSUB student Preciosa Valle, there was one week the café served pasta at two different stations. This raises concerns about variety with Valles, who wants more options available to all students, including the resident students.  

  “I like that it’s different, but what about the people who can’t get it? Most of my friends live in the dorms and have to use dining dollars. It would be nice if [the café] had more variety,” Valle said.   

  Acquiring the technology to be able to charge students’ dining dollars accounts is a process facilitated by Aramark, a thirdparty vendor who contracts through campus dining.   

  “We are working on it with Wayne [Narine] and Aramark. The process has lots of moving parts, but is coming soon,” Gonzalez said.   

 Students will have even more variety in the upcoming semester, as Narine was able to confirm that Bento, the new sushi station in The Runner Café, will be opening Jan. 21, 2020.