Baltimore: Where is that Food Truck Rally?

By Suzanne Loudermilk |

You’ve probably marked your calendars for Friday, July 8, from 5-10 p.m. for Baltimore’s first food truck “Gathering.” But you may wonder exactly where this event will be held.

Today, I walked to the spot at 421 S. Central Ave., pictured, where the Silver Platter food truck is parked most days. Of course, it was a great excuse to try the lobster roll, which is getting rave reviews.

As you can see from the photo, the parking lot, which is just north of Eastern Avenue, should easily accommodate a group of trucks plus vendors for beer and wine.

(Coincidentally, I later saw the Icedgems cupcake truck on Fleet Street, and co-owner Tony said he’s looking forward to participating in the Friday happy hour. Cupcakes and wine. Works for me.)

And for those driving to the Gathering, the location is also convenient because there is a public parking garage across the street. The open lot is also near the building that housed the now-closed Diablita, Lemongrass, and Tsunami restaurants if you need another landmark.

The event will be a great time to sample food from several trucks. At the magazine, we also anticipated that interest in food trucks is growing and we’ve included a story by freelancer Maria Blackburn in our August issue on the various trucks and what they serve. I hope it will be a good resource.

lobster rollBut back to the lobster roll ($14), pictured, it was just as delicious as it looks, filled with chunks of lobster and celery with a hint of lemon!

Other Silver Platter menu items include brisket, pulled pork, lobster mac and cheese, pit beef, baby back ribs, and lots more.

See you at the Gathering next Friday. For more information, check out Silver Platter’s Facebook page.

Photos by me