Birmingham, AL: Street Food Rally Shows City It Can Help Economically

© Street Food Coalition

By Danielle Deavours | Alabama 13

© Street Food Coalition
© Street Food Coalition

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Food trucks are sweeping the nation, including the streets here in Birmingham. The food truck vendors are still trying to gain support from the city to do their business.

Today the first Street Food Rally took place. Trailers, carts, and food trucks lined up to present their tastiest treats to participants in the Cantina’s parking lot downtown.

The event completely sold out today. Vendors say the success of the event shows that their businesses could help the city economically.

“We want to show how the people support the trucks and find out what we can do for the city working together,” Jorge Castro, creator of the Street Food Rally, said.

City council members say they are working with these vendors to get them out on the streets.

“We really just want to show the importance of why the food vendor industry is important, and a significant part of the fabric of the city of Birmingham that makes us unique,” Johnathan Austin, Birmingham city councilman, said.

A portion of the proceeds from this event benefit an organization that supports type one diabetes research.