Boston, MA: Roxy’s Food Truck to Expand from the Streets

credit: Instagram

By Alice Bazerghi |  The Daily Free Press

credit: Instagram
credit: Instagram

Due to continued economic prosperity, one of Boston’s well-known food trucks, Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese, will open a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Allston for the next academic year.

James DiSabatino, owner of Roxy’s, said he had been looking for a space for about a year and found the perfect one at 785 Cambridge St. in Allston near Lone Star Taco Bar and Model Café.

“A lot of places seemed forced or awkward,” DiSabatino said. “We didn’t want to have to make any sort of sacrifice. This ended up being the perfect space for us because we have a lot of friends that live in the area and will have a lot of support.”

The restaurant is scheduled to open in the fall when students will be returning to Boston for school, he said.

DiSabatino said opening a restaurant has always been his goal, but food trucks were a good way to get started.

“Trucks were coming in as something cool to do and easier to start with,” he said. “It was a great way to test out whether or not our concept would work and we are really glad we did it.”

He said customers could rest assured the trucks will continue to operate once the restaurant is open.

“We might add more trucks, but the primary goal is the restaurant and making sure we keep the brand value,” he said. “We’re definitely going to expand the menu a little bit but keep it in the same vein of what we’re good at.”

The restaurant will stick to the same theme as the trucks, DiSabatino said.

“We will definitely pull elements of the truck into the restaurant,” he said. “We’re not going to make it look like the Ritz Carlton in there. We live our lives a specific way and that comes out in our business. We will be preserving our aesthetic in the restaurant.”

DiSabatino said he is excited about the predictability of owning a restaurant.

“Having a place to open up our doors without having to worry about the truck breaking down or generators,” he said. “[It will be] a place that is consistent, predictable, and not dependent on the weather.

A number of residents said they are excited about their favorite food truck expanding beyond the streets.

Becca Speicher, 26, of Allston, said she found out about the Roxy’s truck on television.

“I saw them on the food network and their grilled cheese is really good,” she said. “My favorite is the Green Muenster.”

Speicher said Roxy’s is one of her favorite food trucks in the area.

“I’m excited because I’ve lived in this area for years and really like their grilled cheese,” she said.

Jen Shuman, 26, senior research assistance at Brown University, said she visits her friends in Allston frequently and is looking forward to checking out the restaurant when she visits.

“I’m honestly most excited about the décor,” Shuman said. “It will be really cool to see this theme translated into a restaurant, the whole rockabilly girl feel is awesome.”