Boston, MA: The French-Inspired Cameo Macaron Will Be Boston’s Next 4-Wheeled Food Stop

Cameo Macaron

By Hilary Milnes  |

Cameo Macaron
Cameo Macaron

We’ve officially entered 2014, and the food truck influx shows no sign yet of slowing down or hitting the brakes. Take the first of likely many new trucks to hit the road this year: Cameo Macaron, a dessert truck specializing in the dainty French cookie (not, of course, to be confused with macaroons, the French macaron’s coconut counterpart).

According to Eater, the macaron truck took to Instagram to announce that it was nearing completion, and should be expected out and about soon. Cameo Macaron’s Facebook account, which has been active and posting under the radar since the beginning of the month, shows pictures of the truck and the forthcoming wrap design as well as the logo (above) and a photo shoot of some unassumingly delicious looking little sandwiches in an array of colors.

Through events, some Bostonians have also had the pleasure of trying out the macarons before they hit the road, and reviews found on the Facebook page are already raving – in fact, they’ve all given five stars, and users are excited about flavors like Nutella, rose petal, coconut, passion fruit and espresso bean. Their excitement is infectious: I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a macaron, but I already can’t wait. It’s hard not to get excited with pre-opening reviews like this:

The coconut flavored cameo was orgasmic ! “Close your eyes and let a cameo take its course” should be their slogan.

Well, OK. Personally, macarons via food truck make more sense than cupcakes, which are a lot harder to enjoy while walking down the street and preserving your dignity/not getting frosting all over your nose. Bring it on Cameo, and here’s to new food truck trends hitting the road running (rolling?) in the new year.