Boston, MA: This Boston Food Truck Was Named One of the Weirdest in the World

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By Lisa DeCanio  |  BosTInno

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Boston’s food trucks are often called many things — awesome, delicious, the best in the world — but “weird” isn’t usually one of them. That is, until auto blog Jalopnik decided to venture into the world of food today and create a list of the 10 weirdest food trucks in the world.

The reasoning is non-existent and the explanation is sparse, but nevertheless, Boston’s new-ish Fugu Food Truck came in seventh on Jalopnik’s list.

Here’s what they had to say about Boston’s Asian street food truck:

“On one hand, Japanese puffer fish can be deadly poisonous. On the other, that’s why it takes years to get a licence to sell Fugu. Do you trust the crew of this baby?”

Why yes, Jalopnik, I trust the crew of Fugu. They’re a smart group of people (founder Bing Liu got his degree in engineering), and have shown dedication to building their truck: earlier this year, the team ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that helped launch it.

But there’s one problem — despite the name, they don’t actually serve fugu, as Liu confirms via email.

Still, Liu is grateful for the mention.

“Although we don’t really think of ourselves as being weird, we are very excited to be one of the world’s top ten weirdo food trucks!” says Liu. “Fugu has got character!”

Check out some of Fugu’s fugu-free fare in the slideshow below.