Boston, MA: We Eat Everything from Mei Mei Street Kitchen Food Truck

By Liz Bomze  |  Serious Eats


SLIDESHOW: Boston, MA: We Eat Everything from Mei Mei 

If Boston were a desert island where I was to be stranded and had to pick one food truck to eat from indefinitely, Mei Mei would be it. Sibling owners Andy, Margaret (who goes by Mei, which is also the word for “little sister” in Mandarin), and Irene Li put out some incredibly imaginative and well-executed food, almost all of which has some roots in the Chinese cuisine they grew up cooking and eating with their family in Brookline. The menu, which changes daily—and is often tweaked between lunch and dinner shifts—features about half a dozen items, including their signature “Double Awesome” scallion pancake-poached egg sandwich.

Even better, they’re good people. Many of their ingredients (including all of their meat) come from local farms. Much of their serveware is made from compostable material. They’re involved with Boston-based organizations like The Food Project that work to provide access to healthy food for local low-income communities. And they’re just plain nice.

When it came to picking a dish to feature from their truck, I couldn’t decide. The Double Awesome is, indeed, awesome, but so are the braised beef dumplings with housemade pickles and the “magical” kale salad—my vote for the sleeper hit of the truck. The upshot: I ate—and photographed—everything they had one night. Click through theslideshow, get hungry, and then check their Twitter feed for their current location.

Oh, and the best news of all: They’re opening a brick-and-mortar location in Audubon Circle, hopefully by the end of the summer.

Mei Mei Street Food

Locations vary (check their web page or Twitter);