Breaking News: Gandolfo’s Deli Food Truck Finally Rolls in Dallas

Today was opening day for Gandolfo's Truck in Dallas.

by George Lewis |

Today was opening day for Gandolfo's Truck in Dallas. The truck was built by Miami Trailer.

Randy Wolken, the regional franchisee for Gandolfo’s Deli Sandwiches has been working hard to get his food truck on the road.  In April, he drove the truck from Florida to Texas, got his permits for multiple cities, and started searching for sites to park the truck for service.  He wanted to be on the road yesterday, but an electrical problem in the commissary stalled the first truck roll by a day.

Today he parked the truck and started serving.  The first location was in an out-of-the-way parking lot behind an AT&T office building off of Empire Central, near Harry Hines.   By having a less visible location, Randy could effect the truck equivalent of a soft opening to work out the kinks.

Rockefeller Reuben ($9.29)

Gandolfo’s is a New York deli style menu, with a wide range of sandwiches–lots of pastrami, hot dogs, and a few salad offerings.  Sandwich pricing is in the $6-10 range.  For my first outing, I had the Rockefeller Reuben  ($9.29) and a Joey’s black and white cookie ($2).  The cookie is cake-like with half-vanilla and half-chocolate frosting which is packaged and shipped from NY.  I could do without the cookie next time.  There are just too many outstanding local bakeries.

As you can see, the line built quickly

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That sandwich though is going to rank in the top tier of sandwiches in Dallas.  There will always be debate about the best sandwich or best deli in Dallas, but fresh out of the gate, Gandolfo’s should be in any argument.  This sandwich was one monstrous handful of pastramiand sauerkraut joy.  After the first half, I thought I had had enough, but no sir, I had to keep going.  Seriously good.

One sandwich doesn’t make an entire menu, but this is certainly a good start.  Whether it was marketing or a really bad AT&T internal cafeteria, Randy had the largest line that I’ve seen waiting for truck food in Dallas.

If you get to Gandolfo’s over the next few days, let us know what you have and what you think!