Brookline, MA: Nine Food Trucks Apply to Brookline Pilot Program

Ipek Karyagdi, a BU student, stops by the gourmet cupcake truck, The Cupcakory, while parked along Commonwealth Ave. - Wicked Local Staff photo by Erin Prawoko
By Teddy Applebaum | Wicked Local Brookline
Ipek Karyagdi, a BU student, stops by the gourmet cupcake truck, The Cupcakory, while parked along Commonwealth Ave. - Wicked Local Staff photo by Erin Prawoko
Brookline — Last Friday was the deadline for food trucks to apply to Brookline’s pilot food truck program. All told, nine trucks applied with the majority interested in spots around Boston University and Coolidge Corner. Each application came with a sample menu (emphasis on sample) and we summarized some of the offerings below. All the proposed times, locations and menus are subject to change and approval from a series of town boards.


In a nutshell: A veteran of Hungry Mother in Cambridge, owner Tom Smith serves up barbecue and smoked meat with homemade pickles and condiments. His truck is already operating in Boston.

Where and when: Friday dinner at the intersection of John and Pleasant streets (Durgin Garage)

Food: Offerings include the Greenway (smoked pork, mustard, gouda, onions and garlic greens), and tacos (choice of meat with roasted tomatoes, salsa, pickled vegetables and avocado lime puree). There’s also chili with smoked beef and pork, and sides (roasted vegetables, soy sesame slaw). Fifty cents gets you a pecan toffee chip cookie.

Drink: homemade lemonade, ice tea and seltzer.

Baja Taco Truck

In a nutshell: looking to serve Mexican “traditional” fare.

Where and when: Lunch and dinner,  Monday through Friday at one of three locations. First choice is St. Mary’s Street at Commonwealth Avenue, followed by Pleasant Street at Commonwealth Avenue, and finally the MBTA stop at Beacon Street and Englewood Avenue.

Food: A slew of tacos, burritos, tostadas, enchiladas and quesadillas. They’ll also offer a few soups (gazpacho, chili). Fillings include carne asada, shrimp, and sabroso (a mixture of shrimp and steak), along with grilled zucchini. Special items include the flying saucer (tostadas with choice of meat and other toppings).

Bon Me

In a nutshell: Bon Me’s food is a relatively nutritious take on Vietnamese fare. There first truck already operates in Boston.

Where and when: Intersection of John and Pleasant streets for lunch on Saturday (first choice) and dinner on Friday (second choice)

Food: Bon Me intends to serve a variety of customizable sandwiches, noodle salads and rice bowls. Customers pick an option, top it with one of three proteins (i.e. homemade patés, barbecue pork, spice-rubbed chicken, or tofu and shitake mushrooms), choose from several pickled and raw vegetables, and finish with different sauces and spreads. They also offer sides like a tea-soaked deviled egg, and salted edamame.

Drink: Options include ginger lemonade, Thai iced tea and packaged teas.

Paris Creperie

In a nutshell: Building off their brick and mortar location in Coolidge Corner, Paris Creperie plans to serve crepes and smoothies.

Where and when: First choice, St. Mary’s Street at Commonwealth Avenue on Sunday through Friday (sometimes lunch, sometimes dinner). Second choice would be dinner on Fridays at Pleasant Street and Commonwealth Avenue, followed by Saturday breakfast at the intersection of Beacon and Washington streets.

Food: Options include a variety of sweet and savory crepes (Brie and apple, crispy turkey and a vegetarian option). The menu also lets customers build their own combinations. Sweet offerings include Nutella chocolate, and butter and sugar. Customers can top their crepes with a variety of fruit and vegetables. There’s a tomato soup as well.

Drink: The truck will offer several fresh fruit blends, along with drinks like a frozen Nutella chocolate, and mango passion (a concoctions of mango juice, pineapple sorbet, frozen peaches and strawberries)


In a nutshell: Founded by MIT and Yale alumni, Momogoose owners bill their truck as healthy Vietnamese food. The truck currently operates in Cambridge.

Where and when: Lunch, Monday through Friday at the intersection of St. Mary’s Street and Commonwealth Avenue.

Food: Like Bon Me, customers pick from a customizable menu, choosing spring rolls, salads or soups. You start with a grain base (rice or ramen noodles, buckwheat or brown rice), top it with a protein (barbecue or regular chicken or tofu, steak or pork), and finish it with 10 types of vegetables.

Renula’s Greek Kitchen

In a nutshell: The owner says he plans to prepare traditional Greek fare as taught to him by his aunts, natives of the island of Rhodes.

Where and when: Renula’s wants to serve lunch Monday through Friday at one of two locations in town. Their first choice is at the intersection of St. Mary’s Street at Commonwealth Avenue, followed by Pleasant Street at Commonwealth Avenue.

Food: Greek salads, gyros (lamb, chicken, pork); stuffed and roasted vegetables; Greek meatballs; chicken souvlaki; rice pilaf.

The Cupcakory

In a nutshell: The Cupcakory is looking to join the pilot program after spending more than a year operating in Brookline Village and Coolidge Corner. As the name suggests, owner Diane DeMarco serves cupcakes.

Where and when: At the intersection of Pleasant and John streets (the Durgin Garage). First choice would be Saturday lunch, followed by Friday dinner.

Food: Some of the cupcake offerings include salted caramel, chai and honey, and sometimes gluten-free and vegan choices.


In a nutshell: Already operating in the South End, Pennypackers would serve up eclectic fare, including sandwiches, stews and salads.

Where and when: Unclear

Food: Pennypackers would offer a selection of sandwiches (i.e., mushroom and spinach, egg and escarole, bleu cheese and steak), salads (broccoli rabe, beet, Caesar), and soups and stews (North African chickpea and kale, tomato)


In a nutshell: A mix of takes on classic American sandwiches and fried fare. Everything on the menu has a “cutesey” name.

Where and when: They’re looking at several locations and times for lunch and dinner; including Beacon Street and Englewood Avenue; Pleasant and John streets; Pleasant Street and Commonwealth Avenue; and St. Mary’s Street and Commonwealth Avenue.

Food: Sandwiches like “Now That’s a Hot Chick” (balsamic chicken, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, spinach, on a rosemary focaccia), and an assortment of fried items (pickles, sweet potatoes, tempura vegetables). Desert offerings include deep-fried bananas with caramelized sweetened condensed milk, and chocolate-covered strawberries on a stick.