Brooklyn, NY: Prospect Park Food Truck Rally Coming Around Again this Summer

By Brindsi Liberty  |  Viewing NYC


The City’s best food trucks are driving back to Prospect Park for this month’s second Food Truck Rally on Sunday, June 28th.

Attend the Rally to support your favorite trucks, or branch out and try the various on-the-go gourmet cuisines our City has to offer as they are conveniently located in Grand Army Plaza.

Trucks in attendance will include DUB Pies, Kelvin Natural Slush Co, Carpe Donut NYC, Toum, Kimchi Taco Truck, Neapolitan Express, Coolhaus, The Taïm Mobile, Snowday, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Brooklyn Organic Coffee & Tea Truck, Papaya King, Nuchas II, Milk Truck, Phil’s Steaks, Ponti Roissi, Gorilla Cheese NYC, Andy’s Italian Ices, and Carl’s Steaks. Please note that the trucks will vary every weekend.


Rallies are taking place on the following Sundays:

  •  April 12 + 26
  •  May 3 + 17
  •  June 7  + 28
  •  July 12 + 19
  •  August 2, 16 + 30
  •  September 20 ​ –  October 4 + 18