Brooklyn, NY: The Loading Dock – Identity, Collateral, Packaging, Signage & Vehicle Graphics

By Lawrence O’Toole |

Design work for a food truck/art gallery located at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn. The problem facing the business was that it was hard to find, as it was indistinguishable from it’s industrial warehouse neighbors. The original sign was an actual “loading dock” placard, and most passersby would just have regarded it as a way in to the dock, not necessarily to a cafe.

We redesigned the identity in a way that kept the industrial nature but added a little more fun and color to help stand it out. We then extended that through menu, collateral and packaging. Finally, we designed the graphics for the next phase of the business, which was a larger food truck. The truck would be painted by hand, once again keeping the industrial look but softening it and making it more accessible.

Featured on Under Consideration’s Art of the Menu.

Designed in collaboration with Jolene Delisle through The Working Assembly.