Buffalo Food Truck Leading in National Competition

Lloyd's Taco Truck in Food Network Online Competition


Lloyd's Taco Truck in Food Network Online Competition

BUFFALO, NY – A food truck doing business in the Queen City might be in for some big time national television exposure if things continue to go its way!

Lloyd’s Taco Truck is fast becoming a local favorite, and soon the country might know about its tasty treats too. The truck has only been in business for over a year, but what a year it’s been! Lloyd’s Taco Truck is bringing what they call legitimate, tasty, affordable street food to Buffalonians, and now they are currently in first place as “America’s Favorite Food Truck” in a Food Network Competition! The winner has an opportunity to be a part of next seasons taping, and compete across the country against other chefs.

216 trucks are in the competition, including several others from Western New York. Peter Cimino, one of the truck operators says all you have to do is vote by computer or even a text will do.  He hopes the word of mouth his customers are spreading continues!

If you’ve never eaten from a local food truck perhaps you are not social media savvy.

Social media has been an integral part of the trucks success.  Peter Cimino told us, “Social media, without it, we wouldn’t be doing this.  Food trucks go hand in hand with social media.  It gives us the opportunity to be in contact with lots of people.  It’s really great.”

And even though the City of Buffalo has tabled an ordinance as to where these trucks can do business, Cimino says he’s confident stand alone restaurants and food trucks can work together to find a happy medium.

If you would like to vote for your favorite food truck, you can do that right here. Voting continue through September 12th.