Buffalo, NY: The Roaming Buffalo has Arrived!

Roaming Buffalo Food Truck

By queenseyes | BuffaloRising.com

Since first writing about The Roaming Buffalo food truck back in April, it was touch and go whether the operation would ever get off the ground. After much perseverance, operator Chris Taylor finally raised the financing, commissioned the truck to get built and worked at setting up relationships with local food sources. After all else was set, Chris began to network with organizations that were looking to team up with a food truck. He entered into conversations with Peg Overdorf of the Valley Community Center regarding a location at River Fest Park. Yesterday was the first day that the truck hit the road, and as luck would have it River Fest Park was the approved spot.

At first I thought that River Fest Park might not have been the best choice considering that it is so new, and traffic might be slow. Chris countered that his first day of sales was decent, selling to approximately 55 customers. Not bad. When I arrived for lunch today, there were already a few people waiting in line. The setting at this park is perfect for people who are looking to eat outdoors. There are industrial picnic tables (to go along with the industrial backdrop) set up on the boardwalk along the Buffalo River, and plenty of park benches situated along the walking paths that through the fields of grass.

For those with some extra time on their hands, the Queen City Ferry now makes a stop at the River Fest Park –  click here to see the latest schedule. There’s dock space to pull up additional boats too. There are also bike racks for those looking to cycle – it’s a quick ride from the Inner Harbor. Chris tells me that he is planning on staying at this location throughout the week and hopefully next week as well. If you would like to follow the truck in the future, keep this website handy.

There are plenty of food options to choose from, all of which are Buffalo favorites, including ‘Cheekta-Vegas’ on Weck, chicken wings (Chris claims that his are better than Bar Bill’s wings), the Cow 8 Pig Burger (burgers are a little spicy), fried bologna and onions, the ‘Wide Right’ Sahlen’s Hot Dog, sweet potato fries (in peanut oil), Deep Fried ‘Buffalo Balls’ (fried dough), cookies (by Dolci), and plenty of locally made favorites such as Loganberry, Weber’s Mustard and Miller’s Horseradish.

As I was still in some sort of a meat coma from eating ribs at The Oakk Room the previous evening, I opted to try The Veggie Bliss Burger (sautéed portobello mushroom with roasted red peppers and dill mayo). Instead of ordering a pop (no soda here) to wash it down, I ordered a loganberry and then grabbed my meal and pulled up a seat along the river. The combination of food and setting really was bliss, especially because the mushroom was prepared perfectly and the roll was made fresh by Dolci.

I’m happy to see The Roaming Buffalo join the ranks of food trucks along with R&R, The Whole Hog, Rolling Joe Café and, of course, Lloyd Taco. I’m also happy to see the working relationship struck up by River Fest Park and our roaming food trucks.

Lead photo (L-R): Heather Mitchell, Chris Taylor and his wife Valerie Taylor

The Roaming Buffalo