Bulletproof Tiger Frontman Kris Huseby Opens Gypsy Kitchen Food Truck

Screamer and accomplished cook Kris Huseby.

By Jose Flores | MiamiNewTimes.com

Screamer and accomplished cook Kris Huseby.

As the bass player and lead vocalist for Bulletproof Tiger, Kris Huseby is a master of the gruff voice and the heavy hand.

When Los Tigres play live, Huseby lives for that moment when his creations connect with people. After a Chicago basement show, a few kids came up to him and said that Bulletproof Tiger reminded them of Hot Water Music and Hum — two of his heroes. Huseby beams when talking about that night, “I… I just had to hug them.”

But the screamer is also an accomplished cook. And it came as a pleasant surprise when we heard Huseby was quitting his day job to start the Gypsy Kitchen Food Truck.

So does this mean Bulletproof Tiger is gonna roll through the U.S. selling samosas after their shows? Actually, yes, kind of… “We’re gonna go up to the (Gainesville) Fest and set up shop outside of the venue,” Huseby says.

Over the last few years, Huseby’s moved from pizza cook to line cook to sous chef in a few different restaurants. Under the tutelage of Jason Martinez at Town Kitchen and Bar, as well as Richard Placensia, Trevor Simon and Eric Gonzalez, he grew to love and understand the art of cooking. Just like any other creative dude worth his weight in kosher salt, he got tired of punching a clock and decided to go into business himself.

Chopping stuff with Gypsy Kitchen Food Truck.

​He sat down, made a menu, priced the food, and wrote a business plan. And as luck would have it, his old friend Amit Savani was looking for an enterprise to invest in. Savani, who grew up learning to cook in his mother’s kitchen, was keen on the idea. And practically overnight, Huseby went from a guy in a band working overtime to punk rock business owner.

Paper plates and bottled beer? It’s a secret punk rock food tasting.

​The Gypsy Kitchen Food Truck is being custom built right now. In the meantime, Huseby and Savani have set up food stands at couple of events and done secret tastings. And the screamer-slash-cook admits that he gets as much joy out of watching people enjoy his food as he does seeing kids go ape while his band plays. Pretty cool for a guy who first started cooking to “kind of impress girlfriends.”