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Chiang Mai, CN: Where to Eat Street Food in Chiang Mai

A common question I get is where to go for good street food in Chiang Mai.

New York, NY: Proposed Law Would Impound Food Trucks For Parking By Fire Hydrants

A bill being introduced in the City Council today would make it a lot harder for food trucks to find a spot to sell their delicious wares. Councilmember Margaret Chin is introducing legislation to crack down on food trucks that operate in front of a fire hydrant

Newcastle, UK: Street Spice Food Poisoning Victims in Legal Bid

Food poisoning victims are launching legal action after being diagnosed with salmonella at the Street Spice food festival

Lafayette, IN: Street Food Saturday

This is Indianapolis’ first all vegetarian food truck event! We need your attendance to show these food trucks that Veg*ism is running strong in Indianapolis and vegetarian & vegan items should be on their menus.

Miami, FL: Food Truck Builders Shift into High Gear

We wanted to do something whimsical, slightly southern, slightly risque. The whole deal with the truck was to have fun

National News: Running Food Truck No Easy Ride

Our original thought was to cater to people getting out of bars at 2 a.m., but then we found out that drunk people don’t eat ice cream

Austin, TX: SXSW Austin Food Truck Guide

South by Southwest starts today, so I thought I’d share some of our food truck favorites for any of you that’ll be passing through town. There are a lota trucks, so I narrowed it down to just the ones we think are the very best…

Washington, DC: Building a Restaurant on Wheels from Inside Out

You’ve got to come in, go around in this truck, and back out that window in three to four minutes, period

Pangasinan, PH: 50 Pangasinenses Receive Vending Carts from DOLE

The individual beneficiaries received their vending carts and raw materials amounting to P750,000 in this town last Thursday. Training on production, entrepreneurship and business management will also be given to them

Asheville, NC: Asheville’s Masonic Lodge to Open Its Lot To Food Trucks

Space could host two trucks, farmers market, dining area, more