Cake & Shake Food Truck at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art

Last Friday, my husband and I headed up to New York City for The Gaddabouts concert at Carnegie Hall, and we had the entire day to roam the city before the late night event. We spent the afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Outside the museum are food carts, and one in particular caught my eye — Cake & Shake.

Originally, fact that it was a cupcake cart grabbed my attention, but then I noticed that the cupcakes and milkshakes were made with all sorts of organic and natural ingredients. Cake & Shake’s Green Philosophy (photo at right) is to use organic eggs, milk, sugar, flour and butter in their cupcakes, real fruit in their milkshakes and environmentally friendly paper and plastics.

I had to get a cupcake, right? (It was all for you, you know. I couldn’t write about this eco-friendly food cart without sampling the food. That wouldn’t be good fact gathering.) So, I ordered a Mr. Incredible (photo at left) — a double decker brownie with pecan mousse and salted caramel frosting — for $3. It was gooey and delicious. I would recommend it.

In addition to the organic and natural ingredients in the food, the truck is equipped with solar panels that provide electricity for the truck, which runs on biodiesel. According to Cake & Shake’s blog, the company hopes to expand to other areas in and around New York City.

The Cake & Shake cart isn’t the only food cart outside of the museum. My husband (pictured at right), a former Army man, skipped the cupcake cart and opted to support the hot dog cart run by a disabled veteran. We saw several of the veteran-operated carts around the upper east side of the New York City as we walked along.