Calgary, CAN: Food Trucks Get Reserved Parking at City Hall

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

By Kaitlin Lee | 660 News

Photo courtesy of Flickr.
Photo courtesy of Flickr.

There’s going to be a lot more eats at city hall, as food trucks get their own designated spots nearby.

Two marked parking spots are now reserved for the trucks on 3rd Street Southeast just north of 9th Avenue.

Troy McLeod from the Calgary Parking Authority says there was a lot of demand for space for vendors in the area.

“This location was ideally suited to have food truck activity, daily. So, we’ve initiated a pilot project and we’ll continue the pilot at this location. As well, food trucks have been on-street for a number of months and have been a very good addition to the downtown,” says McLeod.

McLeod tells 660News they’ll be looking for other areas of the city where they can do something similar.