Calling For Restrictions On Food Truck Operators In Buffalo

by Patrick Moussignac | WGRZ 2

Buffalo, NY – It’s a never-ending saga between some Buffalo restaurant owners and food truck vendors who want to operate freely in the city.

Some restaurant owners say they don’t want food trucks within 100 feet of their business. They are also calling for legislation that will keep food trucks within the creation of special vending districts along both Hertel and Elmwood Avenues.

Food truck operators don’t agree.

Wednesday afternoon, their attorney Mitchell Stenger submitted to the Common Council’s Legislation Committee objections to those regulations. Stenger calls the proposals wanted by restaurant owners very restrictive.

“Less restrictions are more because it allows the food trucks to operate freely type of proposal that isn’t involving safety and health, but is restrictive on competition that’s not going to fly,” said Stenger.

Buffalo Common Council’s Legislative Committee tabled the issue, and plan to get back to it in two weeks.