Camarena Taco Truck visiting The Buzz!

by JL Watkins | The Daily Buzz

The Camarena Taco Truck is a creative means to introduce new, 100% agave tequila, Familia Camarena Tequila to local communities across the country. (Here at the Daily Buzz, we’re not complaining) Visiting cities across the country, the Camarena Taco Truck is bringing the spirit of Mexico to the streets with FREE Camarena Tequila-infused tacos. Each city the truck visits, a local chef is selected to develop and execute a menu featuring his or her interpretation of tequila-infused Latin cuisine. In Orlando, Chef Andy Williams was up for the task where he developed a menu that captures the perfect balance of gourmet tequila-infused Latin cuisine with the accessibility and appeal of street food simplicity.