Cambridge, MA: Cambridge Riverfront Mobile Food Program

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What’s New

The Riverfront Mobile Food Program has concluded for the 2012 season. Thanks to participating vendors The Taco Truck, Ocean Ave Pops Cruiser, C-Cups Cupcakes and Silk Road BBQ for a great year of food along the river!

Dates and locations for the 2013 season are to be determined. However, interested vendors may still contact us or submit an application to be considered in the future. Information about the 2012 program may be downloaded below.


In spring 2011, the Cambridge Community Development Department published theCambridge Riverfront Plan: Reconnecting People to the Water. This plan provides a vision for how the Charles River can become an even better resource by providing a richer and more valuable experience for the Cambridge community. One of the study recommendations that grew from community feedback was to support the availability of fresh food and beverages along the riverfront as an amenity for current visitors and to draw new visitors.

In recent years, mobile food trucks and carts have become increasingly popular across the country. They provide opportunities for aspiring restaurateurs to develop new food concepts at relatively low cost and to bring them to a variety of locations where there may be an unmet demand for freshly prepared food. The Cambridge Riverfront is a desirable place to support mobile food because it attracts many users at various times, but provides few nearby options for freshly prepared food.

In 2011 and 2012, the City of Cambridge began inviting applications from qualified Mobile Food Vendors to sell freshly-prepared food and beverages on designated City streets adjacent to parks along the Charles River. Public parking spaces were made available to approved, permitted and licensed mobile food and beverage vendors on Sundays during Riverbend Park closures. Check back to this site or contact us for information about participating in 2013.

For More Information

For more Information, please send an email to or contact Chris Basler at 617/349-4601.