Cambridge, MA: Clover Food Lab; Green and Growing

Clover is coming to Brookline Village, above.

By Naomi Kooker |

Clover is coming to Brookline Village, above.
Clover is coming to Brookline Village, above.

Clover Food Lab, which started as a single vegetarian food truck near MIT, is popping up brick-and-mortar locations as fast as you can say “chickpea.” The company is also growing its fleet of food trucks.

Ayr Muir, founder and CEO, is signing yet another lease today, April 15, to open a takeout outpost at 10 Harvard Street in Brookline Village. This will be Clover’s third location, with three more on the docket. The Brookline Village location adds to a growing contingent of locally sourced, quick-serve independents in the neighborhood, which is already home to Cutty’s,Olecito tacos, and Koo Koo Café, not to mention El Centro Dos, slated to open before May. The Brookline Village Clover aims to launch in the next month or so and will be takeout only, with maybe a bench or two, since the space is so small (about 800 square feet, Muir tells us).

Clover is also scheduled to open its first suburban location at 100 Burlington Mall Road in Burlington at the end of May or later this spring. It will have upwards of 50 seats and be the “next-generation, new-and-better Clover,” says Muir. It will feature reach-in refrigerators where guests can see what the staff is reaching in for. (Clover does not have freezers; its inventory is that fresh.)

Muir says the opening of another location at 354 Newbury Street has been pending for nearly a year, stalled by the licensing and permitting process. A third location at 10 Cambridge Center in Kendall Square, at the Google building entrance, is likely to open later this summer or fall, says Muir.

Clover Food Lab started as a food truck at Kendall Square/MIT in October 2008. Muir has been blogging along the way, giving the company its foundation – transparency – with simplicity, carefulness and speed as its main ingredients.

There are two Clovers in Cambridge. It has more than a half dozen food trucks, with its newest locations at the Aquarium T stop and the North End. An Alewife truck is slated to open in May.