Carson, NV: Heat Makes Food Truck Jobs Difficult

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CARSON CITY, Nev.– As the temperatures rose, workers inside the Traffic Jam food truck started to cook literally and figuratively.

“We’re pushing an average temperature in here of about 120 degrees,” said Walt Suen, cook for Traffic Jam.

The two battery-powered fans this food truck uses to keep its workers cool don’t quite do the trick.

“We’ve hit temperatures in here of at least 140-150 on really hot days. We expected to actually get there today, the temperature outside is 99, but this grill is running about 400 degrees Fahrenheit,” said Suen.

It’s the nature of the food truck business: cooking inside a metal box tends to get hot quickly. As in most cases, the key to staying healthy is staying hydrated.

“I used to fight fire for a living so I am used to it, but hydration, hydration, hydration. Not just while at the event, but you need to hydrate the night before,” said Suen.

This year, not even the heat could keep away a food truck from the Los Angeles area that came here for a very special reason.

“He’d say, you did it babe. He’d be proud,” said Valarie Johnson, whose husband Joe died of a sudden heart attack. One of his final wishes was to attend Saturday’s food truck rally.

“I recently saw an old message from him saying how he wanted me to go back, us to go back Carson city at the Fandango. So when I found that, I got emotional and made the decision to come out,” said Valarie.

So workers inside the truck Saturday suffered through the heat if only in Joe’s memory.