Cerritos, CA: Wednesday Night Food Truck Rally Canceled Indefinitely

Credit - MarieSam Sanchez

By MarieSam Sanchez | Patch.com

Credit - MarieSam Sanchez

The Wednesday night Food Truck Rally at the Cerritos Best Buy parking lot has been canceled indefinitely.

Crepes Bonaparte co-owner Danielle Murcia, who also helps organize the weekly event, told Patch.com that “the overwhelming popularity of the event calls for a venue that can better accommodate the large crowds.”

Murcia said they are “currently looking into alternatives” that the city of Cerritos will approve.

Each week, the Wednesday night event has continued to grow and spread in its popularity. Last week alone there appeared to be at least 1,000 hungry and excited diners waiting in long lines for the latest dining craze. Parking in the Best Buy lot was at a minimum with several attendees tailgating with lawn chairs and enjoying their food purchases under the night’s sky.

As soon as we get word on the re-launching of this ever-popular dinner event, we’ll spread the word right here on Patch!

Until then, make sure to check our weekly schedule on the food truck that visits the CareMore West building in Cerritos daily during lunchtime. You can read this week’s post here. Cerritos and Artesia are also filled with tons of great dining options and you can check out some of the best in local flavors through the Patch “Places” directory here.

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MarieSam Sanchez
Editor for Cerritos-Artesia Patch